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At last, a break, even though it means a long drive. Looking forward to seeing my western friends again.

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Railroad flagging is like working in a tunnel this time of year. It’s dark when I get up in the early hours, print the paperwork that was sent during the night, call the dispatcher to check in, and drive around to pound my boards in along the railroad right-of-way. Some of them get placed in obscure locations that most humans will never visit, but that are commonly seen every day by people who work on or along the tracks. As the daylight hours have shortened, I’ve been briefing the crew I’m protecting in the dark.

And then it’s dark at the end of the work day when I go around and take the boards up, drag my carcass back to the hotel, plug in everything to recharge, and go to bed “early”. During the day it’s a nonstop parade of things to do, trains to talk through my limits, construction crews who need time near the track to accomplish things, and other people working elsewhere under my protection that need to be notified and cleared when trains are coming. It’s like juggling with very large objects, none of which I have my hands on. One needs to adjudicate the various urgencies presented and also protect everyone from harm while allowing work to progress.

After 9 weeks in that tunnel, working in a variety of areas and challenges, I’m climbing out and looking after myself for a while. Recharging is something literal in some cases; the battery pack I use to power my two-way mobile radio won’t completely charge in the time I have off between 16 hour days. And so it is with myself, I need some recharging as well that takes more time.

So if you’re wondering how I am, call me late next week and I’ll have time to talk. To my friends in AZ, look forward to seeing you all again soon, and to basking in some warm sunlight after a good night’s sleep.