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The desert cools off overnight once the monsoon humidity is gone, last night the temp dropped 30 degrees within hours. So an early walk finds various creatures who aren’t ready to carpe their diem. The tarantula heaved a slight sigh as I approached, then went back to heat-preserving clumped-up rest mode, while the snake was basking and wasn’t moving anything except its tongue.


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This snake reminds me of a locomotive engineer I worked with that kept forgetting she had 9000′ of train behind her that was still in a slow order.

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New flowers arising, while some animals meet with a gruesome end.

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I found this four-footer exploring the screened porch last evening, got the outer door open and herded it to safety. This morning it was back in place. I opened the door again, but it persisted on the opposite side of the porch, so I took some photos while it was considering its exit strategy. I’m elated by its visits; beautiful and harmless (except to mice), but concerned about it being trapped there for a longer period. The shapes of the scales around the head are small marvels, and the intricate and breadth of movement show what was traded away as legs were added in the process of evolution.

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Monsoon is moving along nicely around here.

The bees are buzzing and slurping…

Bees Drinking


Some locals have gotten, belatedly, into the goth thing…

Goth Snake


And some sleeping things are better left that way…

Sleeping Rattler

Beware snake with striped tail! Saw a similar tail in my headlight beam along the edge of the road last night, raised in agitation at the traffic. The snake they’re attached to can be long. Years ago in the mountains of New Mexico I came around a corner at night and one was stretched the entire width of the road. Ever since that encounter I have wanted one of those pogo-things that a car in a Saturday morning cartoon had, that would let it leap forward just a bit.

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