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In the 6000’s, which is close enough. And back off the grid. The auxiliary reflection hut with its lovely interior sculpting was constructed from cob.

The scarlet flowers are blooming from prickly mounds among the pinons and junipers.

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Humidity graphic displayed in 3D…

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Foggy sunrise…

Sunrise Vail AZ
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Nothing more than ceilings…

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Happy July 4th…

Evening Sky
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One of the sublimities of living in the desert is watching the light paint the landscape. Clouds are one of nature’s tools for making novel changes to the appearance of landforms, sometimes they become the subject themselves.

Cloudy Sunset
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More extras from 2014…

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Extras and outtakes from 2014.

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Stillness. No breeze, no sound of human transports. The tiniest sounds become evident: Plips of grasshoppers jumping, a bird’s feet rustling on a branch, a mosquito 10 feet away. Each footstep sounds like an outrageous intrusion. But I keep disturbing the peace and revel in the wondrous stillness. As the sun sets in the clouding sky I run into a rare creature whose purple nose betrays a recent binge of prickly pear fruits.

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