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Part of living with wild animals as neighbors is that they can come to a violent end and they don’t have undertakers, the viewing is in situ.

The coati is part of a family that I often see playing. I don’t know if the two photos are of the same one, but they are in the same area, which probably means they are at likely from the same family. Since then I have not seen the family playing there. It used to be that I’d come around that corner and there’d be a squeak as one of them spotted me and they’d all take off toward a series of little caves set in a hillside of rough rock. They are great fun to watch running around with their striped tails up like a bumper car pole, quite surreal at first. I have at times been able to stand very still and watch them before being discovered, and they are chatty and playful and nosy.

The skunk was found on a trail I use frequently. About the time I found its carcass I noted a lack of skunk scent in two places about 2 miles apart, both of them spots I also frequent. One is my backyard, although I never got to see it there. It’s remarkable that it was midway on the same trail I use between the two places. And that the scent in the far away spot was more recent, as though it had been keeping me company invisibly.

The feathers are probably a chicken. I hadn’t considered that at first because the nearest coop is so far away.

While this is part of the life cycle out here, there are positive moments. Yesterday, I got my second opportunity to rescue a hummingbird. It flew into my shop and was trapped inside the windows. After I carried it out and opened my hand, it stayed for a bit in my palm, then zoomed off. Holding one is like holding air, they are a lesson in being unimpeded by baggage and living off what is available. If you find yourself needing to carry one, cupping both hands together loosely with fingers spread for light and air works very well, they sit quietly once contained.