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The moon or the saguaro pointing at the moon?

Saguaro Moon
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Saguaro blooming looming.

Saguaro Bloom and Buds
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Snow On Saguaro
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From the Valley of the Mammoth Saguaros, glimpses of sheer mass.

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A cat’s-claw moon beckons in the pre-dawn sky, a prickly pear shows some prickly attitude, a bee’s-banquet of saguaro flowers, and tiny eyes peer from the end of a tiny twig in the vast desert morning.

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A hummingbird works the flowers on a mammoth saguaro, a cholla proffers a thorny greeting, and a prickly pear sends mixed signals.

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Up early, the moon has set, just the glow of town…hmm, why a glow? Look out the window… overcast, which translates to perfect day for exploring. It means not too hot, no time factor before the sun turns the outdoors into an oven, and with that freedom, ridges and peaks call to me. I notice routes, just little eddies in the brush at first, then another and another until there’s no more up. No ridge-running, it’s a lone peak, so back down, then back up and over the ridge to home, bearing thorns, twigs, dirt, and photos.