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Like a certain animated coyote, I have an quasi-adversarial relationship with a roadrunner. This one eats the lizards that hang out on the porch screen, so I keep an eye on it when it visits. Today it decided to leap up into a tree, then looked over and saw me aiming my camera so kept climbing higher, escalating as I lowered myself in the doorway so I could watch it, then it glided and hopped across treetops until it was obscured from view. A transformer can be seen in the background of the second photo, and the comb standing up is probably reflecting vexation at being stalked by paparazzi.

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This is something that hasn’t been seen in this part of Arizona since 2010. It’s called a puddle.


Since the arrival of that manifestation, life forms are emerging.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

One downside is that these characters are no longer dipping the bill at my watering hole. I do hear them call to each other on my morning walks, there’s no other call like it that I know of.

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I’ve been caretaking a house on College Peak. It’s a lovely place, small house on 80 acres on the side of a mountain, with state land beyond that. I have walked out the back door and right up the side, although I have not yet been to the peak.