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Been a while since a motorcycle appeared on the front page around here…

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Last shot of the Eldo sitting in the carport-in-the-sky. Wonderful place to live, may the next keeper enjoy it as much as I did.

As always, click the photo for a larger version…

Eldo CarPort
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Like all afternoons during monsoon, there were clouds in all directions, changeable winds with some dire gusts, and the sky was overcast. But it also didn’t feel threatening as the clouds were a bit light, and I had a new breather mod to “test” so I could “just go up the road a bit.”

Why do we lie so fluently and absurdly to our dear selves? 120 miles later, with the sun having set and the crickets chirping, having visited the adjoining and lovely state of New Mexico, I finished “just going up the road.” This is always an issue with the Eldo, it just wants to keep going and I want to go along. It’s no wonder the Moto Guzzi Ambassadors and Eldorados were favored by long-distance travelers and law enforcers back in the 70’s. They aren’t as fatigue-free as modern stuff, but there’s no problem emptying a 200-mile tank or two, and wherever one stops there’s a pretty bike to look at.

The breather mod was a fantastic success, the weather was cool enough for me to be comfortable in my leathers, and the indirect light of an overcast day made seeing detail a pleasure.

My chiropractor was telling me recently about a very expensive whole-body vibrating platform that some are using on their patients, because “people like to be vibrated and loosened up”. Maybe that explains the quiet elation I feel when riding my old Eldorado, of which one could buy 6 or so for the price of that platform, which would also look out of place in the photo below. I think the old Eldo fits right in…

As always, click the photo for a larger version…

Eldorado and the Chiricahuas


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I’ve been caretaking a house on College Peak. It’s a lovely place, small house on 80 acres on the side of a mountain, with state land beyond that. I have walked out the back door and right up the side, although I have not yet been to the peak.


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So while this blog has languished a bit, behind the scenes things have moved and changed. I’m in a new place, with new angles on some of the same scenery I took photos of before, and new animal neighbors as well. These are the last photos from my time at Mulberry Drive. If you view with PicLens you can see titles and comments.


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Many of you know that I’ve long claimed to be a confirmed bachelor, so it might come as a surprise to find that I’ve been seriously involved for the past few years. It’s not the sort of thing one tells people about at first, could have been a minor fling, but it matured into something deep and genuine.

I found her online. After getting to know each other a bit, including asking some pretty direct questions about her previous relationships, I drove up to Colorado to meet her, where we had a brief fling. I went up again a few weeks later, and she left with me. This may come as a shock to some of my friends and family, but we’re legal in the eyes of the state of Nevada, where I took her after we left Colorado.

She’s younger than I am by 13 years, and she’s traveled a lot. Early in our relationship I spent a fair amount of time and money getting some of her inner demons sorted out. She’s a lot better now. I don’t know all of her history, but I do know that she originally matriculated in California, then spent many years in Europe and came back to Colorado from Germany some years ago.

She’s Italian, dark, and there’s a certain solidity about her. She’s a bit stockier than I’m used to, but that’s kind of comforting sometimes, and she’s lighter on her feet than she looks, which is why policemen loved to dance with her back in her heyday. She’s not filled with plastic like some of her younger sisters; she has nice natural curves.

She has a good vibe. She warms up easily, and is always ready for a good time. We fit together remarkably well. She’s always ready for a romp, and she’s taken me way out there more than a few times. She’s perfectly comfortable going out in public nearly naked, but I prefer to dress her up a bit. I like a bit of protection, there are dangers out there.

Wherever we go, I notice men giving her the eye, and often women as well. She’s inviting and not at all threatening, so they walk right up to her and check her out. She handles this well, but is always ready to leave in a hurry if the attention gets to be a bit much or if the conversation gets tedious.

She can be fickle, sometimes she leans to the left and sometimes she leans to the right, but our interactions are always rewarding and often the give and take becomes thrilling. Our relationship taught me a lot, although some of the stuff I’ve learned is sort of esoteric and rarely practiced any more outside of a small band of cultists.

Here’s a photo of Gina…

Eldo In the Bootheel