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No photos for this one. If it returns I’ll put one in here.

In the morning I typically go check the water I leave out for my neighbors. Often the little stock tank is down a few inches, likely from elk coming by at night to get a drink. There was rain here recently, so the birdbath wasn’t as depleted as usual, but there were a few moths and other flying things swamped in the water.

One of the foundered this morning was an awkward sort of moth, narrow and long with an extended narrow head and drooped nose like a Concorde jet, an off-white so it stood out as it lay there on the water like an aviation disaster with its wings sprawled awkwardly.

I took one of the flat pieces of rock I have for such occasions and swept it up and out of the water, then attended to the other refugees before refilling the birdbath and topping off the stock tank. As I brought the hose over, I noticed the the awkward moth was already up and about. It has amazed me in the past how long a tiny moth can survive without dying from hypothermia in that cold water: I’ve come to think that there’s some undiscovered trick involved.

I dumped the birdbath and started refilling it, as I did the awkward moth leapt from the edge of the deck, danced and twirled across my feet, lingering on one briefly for warmth, then took off at a steep vertical angle like an exuberant fluttering arrow towards the sun.

I often feel that I am largely inconsequential. But I’m one dancing moth further from that this morning.

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A desert tortoise browsing the back porch. They appear to be interested in human structures, I’ve found them exploring my shop if I’ve left the door open.

In general, I’ve noticed that my dinosaur-derived neighbors are curious and will explore when they feel it is safe. Hummingbirds fly into the shop and hover while I work, or will supervise if I’m loading the car, and the canyon wrens will hunt bugs or just sit mere feet from me and converse lightly if I initiate by emulating their lovely and plaintive diminuendo.

Tortoise (Gopherus morafkai)

Moths often founder in the birdbaths in the early morning moonlight. I slip flat rocks under them to support them and lift them out. Some wiggle and strain, most lie still and let evaporation bring them freedom. A surprising number survive. Out of this group all but two were gone when I next looked.

Moths On the Rocks
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It’s hanging onto the door, so I’d say it’s a real swinger.

Mod Moth
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Guest this evening in my shop. Prefers warm situations, lots of light.