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Long Tail Bug Ocotillo
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The moon or the saguaro pointing at the moon?

Saguaro Moon
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More extras from 2014…

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A cat’s-claw moon beckons in the pre-dawn sky, a prickly pear shows some prickly attitude, a bee’s-banquet of saguaro flowers, and tiny eyes peer from the end of a tiny twig in the vast desert morning.

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Maybe I’ve been starving a bit for natural surroundings, but this morning’s walk was perfect. Full moon, desert colors, clouds keeping direct sun and heat at bay…I ask for little more to make me happy this time of year. Everywhere is evidence of a rich monsoon while I was away, the lush grasses and small succulents –which may skip a dry year– are out everywhere. The cacti are swollen with watery wealth. Some perished as a result; two that looked like they were dancing together on a rock wall are now lying in the small canyon below, broken in water-rich chunks.

Post-walk I was checking in at Luminous Landscape, and saw that Miles Hecker had one of his useful articles up. It starts with a Navajo prayer that nicely reflected my feelings this morning.

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In which the horizon comes to the rescue…

Full Moon Setting Over Cienega Creek