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Supposed to be napping for a few months, but was out and about, obviously moving slowly or I would have never even seen it. It liked my warm arm in the sun.


Dedicated to Dan D. Hostetler, my long-departed farmer grandfather. Happy Birthday, wherever you are.



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As the nights get cooler, the summer stock sleep in late. The paparazzi take advantage and get close.


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Full swing, lotsa zing, ring-a-ding-ding. Baby.

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I’m working with surveyors, following the tracks from the heart of the Potemkin Village of downtown condos arising in midtown Miami and then up through the industrial bowels where the grittier denizens den. On the way, various eyes attracted, gritty lo-fi cellphone photos resulted.

Perhaps some might find the Potemkin Village terminology a little strong, but they probably own one. A condo is literally a spot in the air depending upon various entities, not only to retain value, but to exist at all.

In this case, those aren’t the only dependencies required to live in those expensive virtualities. While we were working, a passenger jet came out of the clouds and appeared to narrowly miss the top of one of those new blue-glass and white concrete towers. One of the crew commented that people on the upper floors probably “got to see the pilot”.

A tower further north was built with an elegant and witty slanted roof echoing the descent path. It was also the most coherent and arresting design I noticed.

Anyway, here are the eyes…

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Various signs of life, from flowers barely a millimeter in diameter, to lizards with technicolor scales glinting in the warm sun.

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Newborn lizard running around this morning, couple of inches long, very quick…

Tiny Clark's Spiny
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New one for me, never saw a pink one before. Rather evasive, but not hostile, at least not at the distance I kept.

Gila Monster