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Up early, the moon has set, just the glow of town…hmm, why a glow? Look out the window… overcast, which translates to perfect day for exploring. It means not too hot, no time factor before the sun turns the outdoors into an oven, and with that freedom, ridges and peaks call to me. I notice routes, just little eddies in the brush at first, then another and another until there’s no more up. No ridge-running, it’s a lone peak, so back down, then back up and over the ridge to home, bearing thorns, twigs, dirt, and photos.




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Morning walks depend upon timing in the summer. Arising late (after 0430) means taking a shorter walk, for me it means less than 5 miles, unless I feel like enjoying the sensation of hiking in a convection oven. With monsoon season approaching, there is –randomly– a bit of latitude, the sun is sometimes obscured by cloud cover and so walks can be extended or one can take time to photograph the locusts.

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There are washes, and then there are washes which are also canyons. I followed one of the latter and ended up in an oasis. Yup, in Arizona in the summertime. As you can see by the barely waning moon still far from setting, we started early. To get there the easy way, park at the Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead and walk east following the Arizona Trail.

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While I walked there, the canyon is accessible by car via Colossal Cave. The Arizona Trail runs through PQ and crosses the now-dry Agua Verde River bed on its way. Lovely spot, however you might get there.

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Even before the sun topped the Rincons, smoke from the wildfires was easily visible. All through my walk, the sunlight was hampered, not a bad thing at this time of year when it usually feels like it’s trying to vaporise everything.

An unusually busy morning walk, animal-wise. When it’s so hot during the day, early morning is the only sane time to be out and about, so I should have expected the traffic. First a coyote or fox running across a wash in ahead of me. Dropping into a canyon I heard a sudden dulcet grunt quite close to my left and then something crashing through the brush, followed by more grunts and purblind headlong panicking. Quite a lot of javelina in one spot, as they often are. Then their smell hits the old nostrils and one is sure.

As they are not gifted with great sight, the danger is that they’ll run toward the thing that startles them, bearing razor-sharp tusks. But they can smell sharply, and the direction of the breeze rescued me. I stopped dead, and they stopped to listen. I moved on, there were more grunts and wild bushwhacks. I decided not to cut through an adjoining canyon and went another way. Which led to seeing the cactus flower and the jackrabbits in the last photo with their outsized listening gear. No photos of javelina this time, too much brush, I only caught glimpses of their departure, and if you’ve ever seen one run away, it’s not something to cherish and memorialise with a photo. The only thing worse is seeing them yawn.

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From the Arizona Trail this morning…

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Around the backyard, 95.7 in the shade…click to expand and see the translucent green spider…

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A few shots from the morning constitutional…

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Took an easy loop around the Linda Vista Trail today, which also has a branch that runs to Pusch Peak…

Linda Vista