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An out-of-season rainy day and some hedgehog blooms outside my door…

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The rainbow cacti had their short bloom, apparently something out there finds them delectable and bites them off down to the green base, they rarely last 24 hours. Hedgehog cactus flowers have some visual and textural similarities, yet are lasting longer before being consumed.And only the top half of the petal gets consumed

Since it’s too late for me to compare firsthand, I’ll make a note for next year to try a petal or two from each one in season. Hedgehogs and the rainbows aren’t normally the first cactus one notices because they are so small and often growing in the shade of a nurse tree. When the hedgehogs flower, they become fiery visual zings dotted around the otherwise dull-colored landscape; there is something arresting and courageous about these diminutive plants throwing up so many large blooms in a hostile environment.

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