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Short-day sunlight peering through the trees, showing previous burns, guardian remnants, and some hardy blooms.

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Open grazing territory. Easy enough to see where the cattle, deer, and elk traverse.

But deep in a narrow tucked-away wash, not even open enough for small animal trails, flowers stand a chance.

Sweet Flower
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In the 6000’s, which is close enough. And back off the grid. The auxiliary reflection hut with its lovely interior sculpting was constructed from cob.

The scarlet flowers are blooming from prickly mounds among the pinons and junipers.

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A denizen of the Blackthorn Hill Nature Preserve gets a little shade.

Thistle Hat
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Saguaro blooming looming.

Saguaro Bloom and Buds
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“Killer bee” (which actually make fine neighbors) meets New Mexico Thistle flower.

Bee Thistling
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A little yellow journalism around here.

Red Menace

A prickly pear that would rather be red than dead.

Red Handed
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The devouring exoskeletal blister beetle versus tender flowers.

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The Sonoran Desert is carpeted with flowers. Mariposa Lilies in the first two photos tend to be off the beaten path. The last is a Desert Broomrape.

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Seedpod Tiny Vine Seedpod