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A hummingbird works the flowers on a mammoth saguaro, a cholla proffers a thorny greeting, and a prickly pear sends mixed signals.

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While much of the Sonoran desert has already seen Saguaro blossoms go through their brief cycle, the cool side of town is just getting them now. Early this morning the hummingbirds were checking each bud for an opening and chirping anxiously as they found everything closed, lazy blossom proprietors are missing a lot of business by sleeping in.

The bees were also busy, but quietly so. I had a mild recon done on my new hat by a few of them as I got close to the saguaro blooms, but being non-reactive is the key. They really won’t bother you if you’re not afraid and don’t swat at them and aren’t intruding. Be very careful climbing rocks, they like to build nests in hollows or in loose piles and they do get tetchy if you get too close to the hive. They are all carrying weapons. Yes, they could swarm and kill you if you did, so don’t. I’ll plug this book while I’m writing about the subject…Kinship With All Life

Then there’s the zingy cholla cactus’ refutation of the insipid phrase “colors not found in nature”, usually written by people who haven’t been in nature more diverse than a city park.

And a century plant that looks like it wants to explore some space.