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While they are widely considered to be unpleasant predators, I’ve gotten along with various Asilidae by noticing them and imitating them. They appear to appreciate the recognition, and will often interrupt their ongoing affairs out of curiosity. When they fly they make a variable buzz that sounds like someone speaking over a badly tuned radio, unintelligible but just barely so. I see and hear them as a little random voice of the desert flying around. Some message needs to get out, but what is it?

They often appear when my internal dialogue needs to be quietened, their unfocused buzz a mild mockery of my unfocused thoughts.

When I imitate their buzz they will often alight somewhere nearby and co-operate with being photographed, especially if I keep buzzing. Like roadrunners, they like to display their kill. Sadly, the auto-focus on my antiquated camera lost a shot of a Robber Fly with its face covered in red gore, partway through eating something. It went out of its way to land in front of me with its prey, and sadly I can’t share that moment. This one will have to do for now.

Robber Fly displaying it’s lunch. Landed with it in front of me when I buzzed at it, then lifted it up as I pointed the camera.

robber-fly-with-lunch Robber Fly With Lunch
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We’re all out there on out own journey, large and small. Thanks to this beetle that paused its passage to pose for me.

Red Bug Climbing
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Just one in the middle of a vast forest that I saw. What is a signal that isn’t received?

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The larger of the two Phasmatodea hung out for days, apparently waiting at Cafe de la Screen Door for an assignation. They vanished after their vertical tryst.

The last photo is what it probably feels like when you don’t have a solid prenup.

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Long Tail Bug Ocotillo
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Three views of one small bug.

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Spot the agit-hopper in this photo…

Red Bug
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Saguaro blooming looming.

Saguaro Bloom and Buds
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A little yellow journalism around here.

Red Menace

A prickly pear that would rather be red than dead.

Red Handed
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Submitted for your approval, one Tarantula Hawk; New Mexico state insect and possessor of the most painful sting in the US. Usually seen speeding horizontally a few feet above the ground with rear legs trailing loosely behind.

Tarantula Hawk Tarantula Hawk