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These are the first result of what was originally an effort to prevent bees from drowning in a birdbath, which they were doing frequently. I placed some rocks of various thicknesses and slopes in the center so the bees would have easier access to water that the precipitous glazed sides of the birdbath, and also have something to grab if they did fall in. They drink about half the water out of the birdbath every day, so the water level drops. So far the rocks have worked very well.

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“Killer bee” (which actually make fine neighbors) meets New Mexico Thistle flower.

Bee Thistling
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From the Valley of the Mammoth Saguaros, glimpses of sheer mass.

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Late spring in the Agua Verde Riverbed. Bees working Prickly Poppy flowers, cryptic messages awaiting discovery, animals scurrying out of sight, lizards popping out of their beds in the sand to dart to safety. A privilege to be there, even passing through.





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A morning full of good things. Managed to walk a decent distance and really explore for the first time in weeks, found some magenta flowers on a purple cholla, and then look who’s making themselves at home as I return!

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Stopping to snap some prickly pear cactus buds, I noticed a bee not leaving one, very unlike a bee to hang out on an unopened flower like that. Ah, the front leg is stuck in the folds. A tiny stick and some gentle prying and the bee takes off, with a combination of irritation and relief, the latter winning so I don’t get stung, but he does hover and look me over for a bit. And then goes right back to work in the adjoining open flower, coming out festooned with pollen and hopefully some of what he needed to gather for his part in the day.

Also, the night-blooming cereus are beginning to bud. Not easy to find in the first place, nondescript dead-looking stalks in the middle of mesquite bushes, the buds are tiny red bumps on that enigma wrapped in a nurse tree.

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Some bees have been visiting recently, very thirsty so I thought I’d see if they were hungry as well. Fascinating to watch them slurp up some delicious wild desert honey in the sunlight.

Bees and Honey