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Stopped by for a drink. Taken while sitting on the floor behind a glass door 10 feet away.

Bobcat On Alert

As always, prints available. Other poses available, it drank for a surprisingly long time.

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What does an etymologist call a voyeuristic entomologist? Grasshopperazzi?

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With the most interesting swoopy aerodynamic enhancement on its back.

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The larger of the two Phasmatodea hung out for days, apparently waiting at Cafe de la Screen Door for an assignation. They vanished after their vertical tryst.

The last photo is what it probably feels like when you don’t have a solid prenup.

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Out for a morning constitutional, I spotted a sign with an intriguing name (Radar Station Road!), and then an obviously misplaced spherical object stuck on a hilltop nearby. Locally called “the golf ball”, it is perhaps forever waiting for a sufficiently-sized Colossus to drive it into the Grand Canyon or perhaps shank it toward the pit at Morenci; meanwhile it provides navigational services to bide its time and remain somewhat useful.

In all a nice walk, roughly 1200 feet elevation gain and a gentle incline, so accessible to anyone with a little perseverance and a yen for mountain air.

Along the way, a variety of pinecones, members of the Rudbeckia family, lots of butterflies, and that high-altitude New Mexico blend of scents, invigorating and clearing.

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An Orb Weaver made elegant use of a loop of barbed wire.

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Humidity graphic displayed in 3D…