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Angel Peak on a December morning.

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Moving on, yet again.

The photos are of resting places from Idaho, Montana, and Washington as I searched for a decent employer in the trucking jungle.

Meanwhile, this was pointed out to me and looks like a potential good read… Nomadland

There was a rant posted here about the industry I’m now part of, I decided to redo that work into a guide which I”ll publish on carlkrall.com when complete.

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Melts in your mouth…

Snow993w ©carlkrall
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Up in the Elden a copse beckons…

Elden Gateway ©carlkrall
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Short-day sunlight peering through the trees, showing previous burns, guardian remnants, and some hardy blooms.

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Through a frame: A faint rustle of old memories from afar revisiting a sunlit day, the susurrus of the creek, and the dampened flutter of tiny birds working the grass around the bare aspens.


Picture 1 of 10

This piece started playing on my internal jukebox as I photographed the abandoned structures in this lonely spot.

Twice As Evil As You, from Slim Westerns, by A Small Good Thing



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Angel Peak, NM.

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What is a gathering of Pinyon Jays called? My suggestion is a klatsch.

They come here every day to chat and have a drink.


Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus

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In what I’ve come to see as the ghost forest.

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Juniper tunnel in the Ghost Forest.