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I am too old to be hired, given the responses of many large corps. Including Costco, where I am a member, and where older people are okay as income sources but not as employees. This is the one-way-street of of modern corporatist society which I did not realise I was traveling on until I got to this intersection. If any reader should doubt me, there are nice charts out there showing how people my age are unable to find employment despite being fit, alert, and being in possession of a work ethic. We simply don’t fit the brand like a young person. Despite the fact that I navigate their stores more quickly than most of their young employees do.

I once stood beside a Costco manager who was having to follow a new young employee step by step as he stocked a freezer case, who turned to me –seeing me only as a customer– to complain about how he had to micromanage this new hire because they could not figure out how to look for depleted stock and replace it, yet my repeated applications to that location had been ignored for a long time.

I am unsure as to why we-the-non-cheaters are not being ground into dog food at a certain age, but I’m guessing that an entrepreneurial someone somewhere is already working on it, quietly starting with retirement homes and 55+ communities in southern states. Does your dog food come from Alabama?

Having little choice, I spent the remaining credit I had (including with other people, thank you to those who helped) to earn a CDL in 2017.

Since then I have found work. And mostly I have not been paid for it. Three transportation companies in Arizona so far have cheated me. Two (Carter Oil Company and R. Walters Trucking, both in Flagstaff) have not paid me at all. Both are owned by wealthy families. CTI, Inc, the bulk people whose ruling family owns large tracts of ranch land in Arizona, changed the pay schedule, without notice, so that there was no way to know if the paychecks I got reflected my work accurately. When I would complain about low payments, retroactively-dated deposits were made, with no accompanying slip issued. I look forward to their W2 with its portrayal of my financial well-being.

A pool service company in Tucson bounced/stopped checks while falsely claiming I was a contractor instead of an employee, then reported the full totals on a 1099 for them to deduct and me to pay taxes on. Arizona appears to be the Florida of the west, a refuge for people who could not operate outside of iron bars elsewhere. No wonder that Arizona has established –probably reluctantly and against industry pressure– a proactive and punitive real estate enforcement agency.

I most recently tried a Colorado-based company operating in New Mexico. Their tactic is to use an unmotivated family member to do payroll so that underpayment is a mere error to be apologised for, if caught at all. One of the accompanying errors is not providing pay slips, which of course makes finding payment errors more difficult. After complaining I have received texted cellphone photos of numbers on a computer screen going forward, not that printed paper we old people use, yet somehow going backward to the beginning of my employment has proved impossible. I can only imagine the fiscal fantasy that will manifest with their W2, likely I will have earned more than I imagined All of this incidental incompetence is wrapped in a forgiving and familial kind of fluff, not unlike a cult. Yet I am guessing that the billing side is not similarly afflicted with the curious inability to print hard numbers to paper.

I was recently offered another position in Arizona, and it sounds good. The person I’d work with is from Maine, generally solid honest folks up there (if they aren’t crazy) and I love the quiet and subtle ways they mangle English pronunciation, like they are chewing on it to soften it a bit. But it is yet another small Arizona company.

Meanwhile I’m on my way to interview with a larger older company in a new state, to see if they require employers to pay employees correctly up there. The photos that will be posted soon are from that trip. After a year of CDL driving I am still living in my car and trying to not to feel like Diogenes’ unfortunate scion. But I park and sleep in nice places without my conscience bothering me.

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Melts in your mouth…

Snow993w ©carlkrall
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Up in the Elden a copse beckons…

Elden Gateway ©carlkrall
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Short-day sunlight peering through the trees, showing previous burns, guardian remnants, and some hardy blooms.

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Through a frame: A faint rustle of old memories from afar revisiting a sunlit day, the susurrus of the creek, and the dampened flutter of tiny birds working the grass around the bare aspens.


This piece started playing on my internal jukebox as I photographed the abandoned structures in this lonely spot.

Twice As Evil As You, from Slim Westerns, by A Small Good Thing



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Angel Peak, NM.

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What is a gathering of Pinyon Jays called? My suggestion is a klatsch.

They come here every day to chat and have a drink.


Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus

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In what I’ve come to see as the ghost forest.

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Juniper tunnel in the Ghost Forest.

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While they are widely considered to be unpleasant predators, I’ve gotten along with various Asilidae by noticing them and imitating them. They appear to appreciate the recognition, and will often interrupt their ongoing affairs out of curiosity. When they fly they make a variable buzz that sounds like someone speaking over a badly tuned radio, unintelligible but just barely so. I see and hear them as a little random voice of the desert flying around. Some message needs to get out, but what is it?

They often appear when my internal dialogue needs to be quietened, their unfocused buzz a mild mockery of my unfocused thoughts.

When I imitate their buzz they will often alight somewhere nearby and co-operate with being photographed, especially if I keep buzzing. Like roadrunners, they like to display their kill. Sadly, the auto-focus on my antiquated camera lost a shot of a Robber Fly with its face covered in red gore, partway through eating something. It went out of its way to land in front of me with its prey, and sadly I can’t share that moment. This one will have to do for now.

Robber Fly displaying it’s lunch. Landed with it in front of me when I buzzed at it, then lifted it up as I pointed the camera.

robber-fly-with-lunch Robber Fly With Lunch