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In the 6000’s, which is close enough. And back off the grid. The auxiliary reflection hut with its lovely interior sculpting was constructed from cob.

The scarlet flowers are blooming from prickly mounds among the pinons and junipers.

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This place is driving me to abstraction.

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Regathering my altitude wind; a lovely quiet destination aids with motivation. A herd of deer were browsing at the edge of a copse as I came over the top, and remained still with the exception of the buck, who sidled away.


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The Crag Crest Trail, not particularly recommended by the Forest Service in winter but not forbidden, was mostly deserted and silent. Difficult footing, muddy and icy, including the trailhead lot. Would do again when dry or with more tractive footwear. I noticed pole holes in the snow and a footprint with some sort of spring arrangement across the sole.

Those petty gripes aside, what a beneficence to be out in the wild again. Rebooting and restorative and deeply needed.

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Stopped by for a drink. Taken while sitting on the floor behind a glass door 10 feet away.

Bobcat On Alert

As always, prints available. Other poses available, it drank for a surprisingly long time.

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What does an etymologist call a voyeuristic entomologist? Grasshopperazzi?