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The young desert tortoise –perhaps a bit larger than the palm of a hand– stopped by briefly, then went off into the tall grass. Sitting quietly next to it for a moment while taking photos was very peaceful, they have an ineffable deep and old animal-sense about them that I treasure, and their eye and head position language are expressive and endearing. Very simple and direct way to find out what nature really thinks of you.

The Leilia Hackberry Butterfly flew right at me from some brush and caromed off my shirtfront. It was brisk and breezy in those shadows; I suspected it was looking for warmth, so held out my hand. It climbed aboard and rode for a mile or so, down one wash and up another. I cupped my hand to block the wind as I went. I found it some grasses in sun with less wind and other butterflies feeding nearby. Photos taken with left hand wrapped across the top of the camera, not the easiest focusing and framing I’ve done.

As always, honored to spend time with my most estimable neighbors.

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Stillness. No breeze, no sound of human transports. The tiniest sounds become evident: Plips of grasshoppers jumping, a bird’s feet rustling on a branch, a mosquito 10 feet away. Each footstep sounds like an outrageous intrusion. But I keep disturbing the peace and revel in the wondrous stillness. As the sun sets in the clouding sky I run into a rare creature whose purple nose betrays a recent binge of prickly pear fruits.

Much larger versions of these and other unseen photos available for sale.

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