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Long Tail Bug Ocotillo
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The yellowing of the ocotillos might seem like fall colors, and in a way they are, but it’s more about the end of monsoon. Not long after the ocotillo photo was taken, it rained and they returned to green while the water supply lasted. Some are bare, with others close by are still in leaf. It’s a possible indicator of where the water drains first.

The insect and arachnid denizens are mostly gone, the weather is turning cooler, especially at night. Perfect weather for sleeping under the stars right now, just an occasional midge to fend off. After the waxing moon sets, the milky way stands out in the crisp air, delaying sleep through sheer fascination. And just as I’m about to give in to sleep, there’s a sudden streak of light from a falling star. All putting me in my tiny place, which has its consolations.

Speaking of which, we’re settling in on our new server, please advise if here are glitches in your visit here.

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In which I encounter a galaxy of flowers smaller than my fingertip, an elderly gila monster giving me the Edward G. Robinson, and some ocotillos reaching for the sky.

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Full swing, lotsa zing, ring-a-ding-ding. Baby.

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