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Night Blooming Cereus on their night to shine.

Night Blooming Cereus Night Blooming Cereus
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After the bloom is off the Night Blooming Cereus flowers, the seed pod emerges in the stem below. The photos are from different plants; the night blooming cereus are a bit delicate and subject to catastrophe, some of the plants depicted are no longer alive. Even the generally helpful and welcomed extended monsoon rains played a role, since NBC’s are prone to root rot. Several healthy specimens in high parts of drainage areas, in normal seasons a perfect placement, have been overwhelmed.

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The long repro process of the night blooming cereus comes to its close, the fruits take a while to be eaten and usually aren’t consumed in one go. This is the only one I’ve found left in an area where a lot of them grow.

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Pistils at dawn…


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